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Creating sustainable futures for those fleeing war and conflict

Omid International (OI) is a UK registered Community interest Organization (CIC). We provide sustainable support to those fleeing conflict, particularly Afghans. We advise and provide training and mentoring for refugees to help them find work or get back into higher education. This helps with their integration in their new communities and helps them build a sustainable future for their families. 

Job Opportunities

Looking for a dynamic and fulfilling career opportunity in Istanbul, Turkey? Look no further! Omid International (OI) is thrilled to announce three exciting job opportunities in our Istanbul office. As a growing organisation committed to making a meaningful impact, we are seeking talented individuals to join our team as Team Leads in the Sales and Marketing, Media and Documentary, and Translation and Voice Acting departments. These positions offer the chance to lead and inspire a team of professionals while working in a vibrant and diverse environment. With a competitive salary, the opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking organisation, and the chance to contribute to projects that truly matter, this is your chance to make a difference. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Apply now and join us in Istanbul, where innovation and growth intersect.

Application Deadline: Friday 23 June 2023
Istanbul View from a Dome

Strengthening Social Capital of Young Afghan Women for Advancing Peace

International Afghan Peace Advocacy Workshop

11 - 14 August 2023, Istanbul, Turkey


Within its first year of operation OI has trained and found jobs for 10 refugees in the UK.

United Kingdom

Office: London

With 800,000 Afghan refugees in Turkey, we have also opened a hub in Istanbul where we have trained 50+ and found full-time employment for over 20 Afghans.


Office: Istanbul

Within Afghanistan we have managed to provide training and jobs to more than 50 people.


Office: Kabul & Mazar-i-Sharif

Where we operate

Omid works to:


We give lasting, compassionate support to the recently displaced people to develop self-sufficient integration into their new communities.


We empower them in the transition back to work. We provide training in English language, computing and other employability skills to give them a sense of purpose and support them to become self-sufficient.

Provide Employment Opportunities

Why are we doing this?  We believe that providing employment opportunities helps to eradicate poverty and social exclusion on a long-term basis. Employment enables individuals to improve their whole family’s standard of living, to meet and connect with others, creating a sense of purpose and improving social cohesion and mental wellbeing. The interactions that occur between employees can result in improving social support, trust, and health.


How are we doing this? We utilise our unique resources and partnerships to help recently displaced families, developing lasting support networks which encourage self-sufficient integration into communities.

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Our Work

Since we started up in the middle of the crisis in Afghanistan in 2021, Omid has:

  • Supported over 80 of the most vulnerable Afghan women, targeted by the Taliban, and their families to escape Afghanistan and find homes in other countries

  • Delivered emergency funds through our UK and US partners to 50 plus displaced, vulnerable Afghan women and children who have fled the Taliban

  • Provided employment and sustainable livelihoods for over 70 Afghans, some who are hiding in Afghanistan and some who have fled to other countries

  • Established a training hub in Turkey and currently delivering a training programme for 15 Afghan refugees there to get them work ready and able to train further refugees

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What we do

We empower female refugees through a process of coaching, mentoring and job provision, to give them the tools needed to create a sustainable, independent future for their families.

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