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About us

We fight poverty, provide education, achieve social justice, and fight for women and girls' right to education and work.


We cannot eradicate poverty or ensure a sustainable development in a nation without the participation of half of its population. Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations.

We put women and girls at the centre of what we do.


Our Mission

Omid International is committed to empowering Afghan communities through a comprehensive mission encompassing advocacy, training, morale building, and job creation. Our focus extends beyond producing high-quality, informative, educational, and entertaining digital content for Afghan and international audiences, including key collaborations with Afghanistan International TV and the United Nations.

  • Sustainable and Practical Solutions

  • Context-Specific Approach​

  • Engaging with Humility and Respect

Over Values

Our Story

We are a non-profit organisation founded by Rahela Sidiqi with the aim to help those
who are most vulnerable or at risk around the world.

Our Founder

Rahela Sidiqi is Founder and CEO of Omid International. Previously, Mrs Sidiqi was a Senior Advisor of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission of Afghanistan (IARCSC), where she developed and led various reform policies across the country, such as the civil service law, reform procedures and structural adjustment processes. Rahela Sidiqi has been governance and reforms advisor at senior levels of both government and international organisations, where she helped develop strategic policies, implementation plans, administrative reforms, capacity building and grassroot development for UN-Habitat, CIESVE, DFID, USAID, UNHCR and OXFAM, and Civil Service Commissions along with 47 ministerial agencies and several NGOs in the private sector. ​

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