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Strengthening Social Capital of Young Afghan Women for Advancing Peace


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International/Regional Peace Advocacy Conference
4-6 December 2023
Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Welcome to the forefront of change. At Omid International, we are dedicated to empowering Afghan women, nurturing their voices, and paving the way for peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. Our recent International/Regional Peace Advocacy Conference, held from 4th to 6th December 2023 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, stands as a beacon of hope in the pursuit of a brighter future.

Conference Overview:

Our conference aimed to bolster a Track 2 process, fostering stakeholder trust and amplifying the participation of young Afghan women in peace dialogues and peace-building endeavors. We identified four vital pathways to peace, emphasizing the urgent need for:

1. Balanced gender representation in peace negotiations.

2. Ensuring Afghan women's safety and security.

3. Empowering through education.

4. Promoting economic and financial empowerment.


Key Highlights:

Gathering approximately 70 participants both in-person and virtually, including young Afghan asylum seekers and refugee women from across the globe, our conference was a testament to unity and solidarity. Esteemed representatives from the EU Parliament, UN agencies, and high-level political actors lent their voices to the dialogue, underscoring the significance of our shared mission.

Partnerships and Collaboration:

Omid International, in partnership with the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund and their financial support, conducted this conference with the technical support of Cordaid.


In collaboration with the Centre for Afghanistan and Regional Studies (CARS) in Tajikistan, we meticulously organized and executed the event, ensuring its lawful conduct and comprehensive thematic focus. Our agenda, developed through extensive consultations with young Afghan women, built upon previous workshops and virtual dialogues, ensuring a participatory and inclusive approach.

Urgent Steps for Lasting Impact:
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Call to Action

As participants of this transformative conference, we issue a resounding call to international actors and the Afghan diaspora to support our collective vision for peace and empowerment. Our demands span across four pivotal themes:

1. Young Afghan women’s participation in peace processes and dialogues.

2. Ensuring Afghan women's safety and security.

3. Facilitating access to education and fostering peacebuilding.

4. Promoting economic empowerment for sustainable peace dividends.

Recognizing the importance of immediate action, we advocate for principles and feasible short-term measures to pave the way for long-term change and durable peace. Peace advocacy, peace education, and awareness raising, Scholarship support, visa facilitation, investment in Afghan women-led businesses, and online education are just a few avenues through which we can empower Afghan women and youth, both inside and outside the country for their impactful increased engagement in the peace process.



Together, let us stand as champions of progress, architects of peace, and advocates for change. Join us in our mission to empower Afghan women, transform communities, and forge a path toward lasting peace and prosperity in Afghanistan and beyond.

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Omid International Peace Advocacy and Dialogues Action Across Borders

A group of 223 young intellectual women from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Europe, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, along with 45 women who participated in a pre-conference consultation, conducted mostly face-to-face and some hybrid meetings. The majority participated in person to discuss the involvement of young Afghan women in the peace process and advocate for policy changes through awareness raising and policy advocacy dialogues. During the meeting, they outlined their suggestions and insights.

Follow-up Dialogue: Tajikistan Second Follow-up Dialogue

On February 29, 2024, in Dushanbe, Omid International convened a dialogue following the "Strengthening Social Capital of Young Afghan Women for Advancing Peace" conference of December 4-6, 2023 with active participation of 25 individuals, comprising 15 Afghan women and 10 representatives from the United Nations.

The objective of this dialogue was to discuss the Call for Action document and explore strategies for international actors and UN agencies to contribute to its implementation. Moderated by Zakia Alizada(OI peace advocate) and Malika Jurakulova (Head of UNwomen Tajikistan ) with panelists Fatima Jafari, Farzana Alizada, Latifa Abdul Manon, the event also featured speakers such as Parvathy Ramaswami (UN Resident Coordinator, Tajikistan), Hanifa Sultani (Chair of the Afghan Women Immigrant Council in Tajikistan), and other distinguished participants.

Key Highlights and commitments:

Mrs,Parvati (UN):

  • Emphasized the UN's commitment to supporting the multi stakeholder platform for peacebuilding.

  • Highlighted UN agencies' focus on improving Afghan women's lives in Tajikistan through various initiatives.



  • Acknowledged limitations in operations in Afghanistan but expressed willingness to share the call for action with colleagues in Afghanistan.

  •  Offered assistance with documents and employment guidance within their scope.


UN Women:

  • Acknowledged ongoing discussions with the High Commissioner in Tajikistan.

  • Shared ongoing projects aimed at empowering Afghan women refugees in Tajikistan.



  • Committed to giving more attention to Afghan women's issues in meetings.

  • Discussed efforts toward integration between Afghan and Tajik people.



  • Discussed limitations in operations but offered support through programs like distance education.

  • Expressed willingness to assist in organizational establishment and provided resources for domestic violence.



  • Offered support for projects but highlighted the need for leadership for cooperation.

  • Provided assistance with planning and offered resources across various sectors.

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"Placing young women at the forefront of peace processes is key to fostering a fairer, more peaceful future for Afghanistan."

Rahela Sidiqi

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Collaborating with various stakeholders, the United Nations prioritizes investing in Afghan women's education, economic opportunities, and leadership roles.

Peace Advocacy and Awareness Session in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Omid International conducted a workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan on Sunday, 17th March 2024, demonstrating a commitment to empowering Afghan women and fostering positive change.

We convened 35 participants, including mentors and young Afghan women leaders, at the Community Center in Almaty. The workshop focused on key themes: Young Afghan Women’s Participation in Peace Processes, Women's Safety and Security, Education and Peacebuilding, and impact of women economic empowerment in peace building process. Our overarching goal is clear: to raise public awareness and increase Afghan women engagement for peace and prosperity. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, we are collectively shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for Afghanistan.

Special thanks to our mentors (Farahnaz Mahsheed, Shamsi Gul Gul Mir, Nikbakht Rezayee, Zakia Noori) for their guidance and support. Particularly, we express our gratitude to our main coach and mentor, Mrs. Rahela Sediqi, for her hard work in coaching and mentoring throughout the process.

Omid International


Working Towards a Sustainable Future


Key Highlights:

  • Advocated for a peace app and art workshops to engage Afghan girls in peace discussions.

  • Suggested tech contests, peace ambassador programs, and virtual reality peace practice for empowerment.

  • Highlighted storytelling platforms and youth peace forums as avenues for expression and collaboration.

  • Recommended travel opportunities for Afghan girls to broaden their understanding of peace.

  • Called for investigating root causes of mental distress and implementing psychological education programs.

  • Advocated for support networks and international coordination to protect women's rights during protests.

  • Proposed dialogues with international organizations and Taliban leaders to advocate for girls' education.

  • Suggested revising the educational curriculum and establishing community libraries with peace educations materials and share the updated successful peace engagement.

  • Recommended dual scholarships (sister and brother) and international advocacy for increased educational opportunities for Afghan girls within Afghanistan.

  • Formed an economic committee to promote Afghan women business in Kazakhstan.

  • Outlined roles and skills needed, creation of a business plan, and setting up stalls in Almaty.

  • Secured financial support for the market and provided legal assistance for Afghan students transitioning to work visas.

  • Investment in additional peace awareness dialogues for Afghan women in Kazakhstan and other regions.



Thanks from Mr. Omar Mohammad Sarwar, Deputy Director of the Center for Social and Legal Assistance to Refugees "Úmit," and Deputy Senator of the Kazakhstan Parliament, for generously collaborating with the venue.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and dedication to driving positive change by highlighting the key points below.

Online Europe Dialogue: Advocating for Peace and Empowerment

The OI Peace Advocacy Dialogue convened on March 25, 2024, under the moderation of Manizha Isaar. Distinguished panelists included Mrs.Rahela Sediqi, Richard Bennett, Maliha Shirzay, and Mitra Tanomand. This dynamic dialogue united various stakeholders, notably the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Afghanistan, representatives from the Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund, and resilient young Afghan women.

The primary goal of the dialogue was to elevate the voices and demands of Afghan women by providing a platform for dialogue with the UN Special Rapporteur. Additionally, the event aimed to raise awareness on four key themes outlined in the Call to Action.

Key Discussions:

  • Participant Question: What is your opinion about recognizing intersectional issues affecting the safety and security of young Afghan women and developing more effective interventions?

Response: Richard Bennett emphasized the significance of intersectional issues, acknowledging their impact on increasing the vulnerability of Afghan women. He committed to including these factors in his upcoming report.

  • Participant Question: How can collaborative efforts between Afghan NGOs, International Organizations, and host countries in Central Asia effectively address challenges faced by Afghan women pursuing education outside Afghanistan?

Response: Richard Bennett acknowledged the importance of collaborative efforts. While stating it's not within his mandate to directly facilitate collaborations, he pledged to advocate for Afghan women in Central Asian countries. He highlighted the significance of international conferences to garner support, especially for scholarships.


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The OI Peace Advocacy Dialogue fostered engaging discussions and highlighted the critical issues surrounding Afghan women's safety, education, and well-being. The commitment of stakeholders, including Richard Bennett, reflects a collective effort towards addressing these challenges and advocating for meaningful change.


Peace Advocacy and Awareness Session in Islamabad, Pakistan

Omid International's workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan, held on the 31st of March 2024, marked a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to raising peace advocacy for Afghan women towards peacebuilding and prosperity. With a focus on critical themes including peace, security, and impact of women in education and economic empowerment in peacebuilding process.

The event was facilitated by key moderators Roqia Rezaie, Lida Saidhkily, and Farahnaz Mahsheed, who provided invaluable guidance and unwavering support throughout. At the start of the program, Mrs. Rahela Sediqi illuminated the critical significance of young women's participation in the peacebuilding effort, emphasizing their indispensable role in forging a harmonious future for Afghanistan.

This event brought together 32 participants, including intellectual young Afghan women leaders, human rights activists, and peace promoters, to engage in constructive dialogue and strategic planning.By addressing crucial issues and identifying actionable steps, we are one step closer to realizing our vision of a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.In addition to our workshops core objectives, it's imperative to highlight our overarching aim of raising public awareness. Through informative sessions, interactive discussions, and strategic planning, we aimed to not only empower Afghan women but also to foster understanding and support from the broader public.

Key Highlights:

  • Urged for legal and political frameworks to ensure women's inclusion in peace talks.

  • Discussed criteria for selecting qualified women representatives, focusing on awareness, impartiality, and experience.

  • Explored training approaches, such as conferences and capacity-building centers, to empower women in negotiations.

  • Stressed the role of international organizations in promoting women's rights awareness.

  • Advocated for women's participation in decision-making and support for violence survivors.

  • Recommended training programs to enhance women's personal security awareness, leveraging social media and community initiatives.

  • Discussed tailored general and peace education programs for Afghan women, emphasizing empowerment, educational choice, and financial aid.

  • Suggested strategies for implementing education and peace education initiatives in rural areas, like small classes and community engagement.

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We deeply appreciate all participants for their enthusiastic involvement and commitment to fostering constructive transformation.

Peace Advocacy and Awareness Session in Tehran, Iran

On April 15, 2024, Omid International hosted an enlightening regional dialogue in Tehran, Iran, focusing on empowering Afghan women to play pivotal roles in advancing peace efforts. Expertly managed by Nadeya Sediqi, the event witnessed the active participation of 25 bright young Afghan women.

During this impactful workshop, participants delved into actionable points addressing pressing demands and charting a course towards realizing women's rights in Afghanistan. Esteemed speakers, including Mrs. Nadeya Sediqi, Mrs. Sediqeh Sadat Hosseini, Mrs. Khatire Noorzaei, and Mrs. Ramzieh Rezaei, passionately shared insights and engaged in fruitful discussions on various critical topics.

The dialogue yielded invaluable outcomes, fostering a collective sense of cooperation and solidarity, and a commitment to effecting meaningful change. Participants unanimously recognized the urgency of engaging with the Taliban and reframing women's political participation as integral to building a brighter future for Afghanistan.


Key Highlights:


  • Urgency to eradicate gender discrimination, starting with challenging societal perceptions within families.

  • Cease propagation of Taliban ideology through religious schools to promote women's rights.

  • Address illiteracy among women and promote self-advocacy to combat patriarchy.

  • Implement cultural and educational programs tailored for men to foster understanding and equality.

  • Prioritize peace education as a cornerstone for societal advancement, gender equality, and women’s active engagement in the peace and development process.Incorporate gender equality into Afghanistan's legal framework and political mechanisms.

  • Establish safe working environments to empower women in various sectors, including peacebuilding.

  • Utilize financial tools and marketing strategies to support women entrepreneurs.

The dialogue concluded on a hopeful note, with Mrs. Rahela Sidiqi's inspiring remarks resonating deeply with all attendees, leaving them uplifted and motivated.

Peace Advocacy and Awareness Session in Kabul, Afghanistan

On April 28, 2024, Omid International orchestrated a significant peace advocacy awareness program in Kabul, Afghanistan. This event, skillfully moderated by Aisha Qazi, OI's peace advocate and mentor in Afghanistan, featured other panelists: Farzana Mohammadi, Marzia Kosha Fakori, Khalida Saheb Zada, and Elham Kohistani. Together, they brought together 50 young women in a unified effort, actively contributing to shaping a narrative of peace and progress for women's engagement in the peace process.

This program originated from the vision of Mrs. Rahela Sediqi, who articulated the imperative of advocating for women, particularly those within Afghanistan, to foster enhanced peace and sustainable stability through peace education.

Participants explored key points of the peace enhancement process, which encapsulated pivotal areas poised to drive positive change in women's contribution to peace education.

Key Highlights:

  • Opening doors to schools and universities for Afghan girls.

  • Ensuring acceptance and provision of resources for online education.

  • Establishing teams of Afghan girls to provide education door-to-door.

  • Providing necessary materials such as computers, internet access, and tablets for online education.

  • Selecting qualified women with high skills and experience to represent Afghan girls in peace talks.

  • Ensuring the security of Afghan women engaged in peace education.

  • Creating new job opportunities and providing financial support.

  • Encouraging the establishment of small businesses and enhancing individual skills.

  • Discussing the security concerns of Afghan women with the current government.

  • Taking women's requests into consideration when formulating rules and policies.

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At Omid International, by amplifying the voices and aspirations of Afghan women, we pave the path towards a brighter, more inclusive future. Through collaborative efforts and strategic dialogue, together, we turn aspirations into action.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Omid International and the Afghan women we serve extend our deepest gratitude to the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund for financial support, Cordaid for technical assistance, and the Centre for Afghanistan and Regional Studies (CARS) in Tajikistan for collaboration.Your contributions made this event a monumental success, empowering Afghan women and advancing peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. 


Take action now to ensure their vital role in shaping a lasting and inclusive future. Together, let's ensure a more inclusive and sustainable peace for all.

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