The Scent of Kharabat: A Concert for Afghanistan


Tuesday 22 February, 7pm

Temple Church

Tickets £10 - £30

Ustad Ghulam Hussain rubab

Feraydoon Meyazada tabla

Gholam Najrabi zirbaghali


This concert in support of Afghanistan – its people and musicians – brings three professional Afghan musicians to London. The title – The Scent of Kharabat – is inspired by the musicians’ quarter in the old city (Kucha-e-Kharabat) from where many generations of master musicians have emanated. Sadly, under the Taliban, musicians in the country are now in grave danger of their lives. These three performers were all born and raised in Kabul and learned their instruments from well known rubab, tabla and zirbaghali (percussion) masters in the city. They were each forced to leave their country and seek protection in Europe, where they are able to continue performing, teaching and composing.


This event is an externally-promoted concert in aid of Afghanistan, with the funds raised going to support the work of The Afghan Musicians Fund and Omid International two organisations working respectively to support Afghan musicians in need and women and targeted individuals.